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What is your PD (Pupilary Distance) and how do you find it

Your PD (pupillary distance) number is the distance between your eyes, measured between the centre points on your pupils. We need your PD measurement to ensure your glasses fit you perfectly.

Your PD can sometime be found on your prescription provided by your optometrist. If you do not have this you can contact your Opticians who will provide it for you, or you can measure it yourself.


How to measure your pupillary distance (PD)


So, first thing's first: what is is pupillary distance (PD)? Essentially, its the distance between the centres of your pupils (the black bits in the middle of the eyes).
Your PD is an important part of your glasses prescription that makes sure you're looking through the best spot in your lenses for lear vision. We'll need this measurement if your buying your specs online.
Generally the PD is given by your optician. However if you do not have it there are a few options; you can request it from your optician, use our online tool to allow it to measure it for you or follow or clear and simple step by step guide.

Measure your PD Online


If its not included on your prescription from your optician, you can use a handy online tool to work out your PD measurement for you automatically!

Once that's all done, you'll be abe to pick out your next pair of frames and add all the prescription details - from the comfort of your home.


Measuring your own PD

 1. Stand about 30cm away from a mirror

2. Looking at yourself hold a ruler up against your eyebrows

3. Close your right eye, then line up the ruler so that 0mm is in line with the middle of your left pupil
 4. Look straight ahead again and then open your right eye and close your left
 5. Your pupillary distance measurement will be the figure that line up with the centre of your right pupil

For Distance Vision:  Repeat these steps a few more times to make sure the measurement you get is consistent and accurate. For an adult, you'll be looking for a PD measurement between 58 - 63mm.
For Reading Glasses: We'll adjust your PD measurement for your reading glassses.
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